For very long we were dreaming of creating our own handmade or rather  mouth-blown glass pendant light. After years of dreaming and months of planning and drawing we finally found the right place to produce the lamp shades. A small village in the mountains of Hungary. 
Actually the story of begins around 300 years ago, when the first glass factory was founded in the small village of Paradsasvar. The factory existed for hundreds of years, producing crystal glass tableware, chalices, cups, and of course lampshades - first for kerosene lamps. Around ten years ago the long-lived factory closed down, but the expertise remained in the village. Former employees took initiative and started their own workshop. This was the ideal spot for us: world class quality, small batches, all handmade and custom. Every light is slightly different and nearly perfect in it's own way.

First step is the design. We designed the light shade to be just the right size hanging a pair over a dining table or on the sides of the bed. The shape we designed is machined into a huge piece of wood on a lathe. The negative of the shape is created, so the glass can be blown into it. The shape is cut into two so the blown shade can be removed later. You need to keep the wooden form wet at all times - not just when using it but also when storing it.

The glass is heated to extremely high temperature in an oven - not your regular one :) - so it becomes something like a jelly. A portion is taken and pre-formed. This is the time the glass gets is color as well. All is done and measured in that moment, that's why every lamp is unique. The mold glass is then blown through a long tube inside the wooden form. While blowing it is spun. Not an easy task, but the people doing it have more than 20 years of experience, doing it every day - and still loving it. Not surprising.  The view is just mesmerizing, tourists are regularly visiting the place. Kids can't take their eyes of the flowing glass and the wonders that appear after blowing .

When the glass is blown, the glass shades are cooed very slowly, for around 15 hours in a special cooling oven. The shades are then cut, polished and checked for any errors. Then boxed and go to assembly

We produce the metal parts by hand as well, those are then powder coated. We assemble these fully handmade lights with bakelite lamp holders, hand-spun ceiling roses and our finest textile cables.

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