About Us

We are a family company. We started our business in 2013.

In the beginning we used to buy and resell textile cables as the first ones in the Baltics. Later we decided to produce our own cables in Estonia. Now 95% of the cables we sell are our own. This allows us to extend our selection and to keep up a faster service. We can fulfil the special wishes of our customers and be creative at the same time.

We use quality materials including quality double isolated electric cables and coloured threads, both made in the European Union.

In addition to cables we not only sell, but produce lamps, accessories, ceiling roses, wooden elements and wall mountings. We work together with local designers and manufacturers. 

All other accessories as sockets, lampholders, etc we sell are bought and resold from European companies. It is important for us to sell products manufactured locally or in the EU. Not only can be more sure of their quality, but we see it as a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of trading. Our lamp holders are made in Italy and Spain. We hope to welcome you as one of our customers.

Regina, Laszlo, Elisabeth