Privacy Policy

Handling and protecting  personal data

  • We handle your personal data according to current regulation (GDPR).
  • gathers your personal data when you are ordering from us
  • Your data contsists of your name, adress, email adress, and telephone number.
  • uses this data to provide you with its service.
  • When you fill out your details in our webshop and accept our Terms and Conditions you give consent to to use your personal data to  provide the service and give your data to the shipping company that delivers the ordered products.
  • may occasionally send you information about its products. However we don't send a weekly or monthly newsletter and you can opt-out any moment.
  • You have the right to have your data deleted or handed to you any time. can only refuse deleting your data if it is needed to complete product delivery or receive your payment. You can not revoke your consent retrospectively.
  • When paying for products via encrypted connections to banking services, security is guaranteed by those services and doesn't have access to the data handled by those systems.
  • doesn't send your data to third parties (with the exception of shipping companies)