Terms & Conditions

General terms

  • These terms apply between the purchaser (from now on: Buyer) on the website www.juheko.com/shop (from now on: Website) and the company that operates the website: Anomal Design OÜ ( from now on Juheko) when visiting and purchasing on the website.
  • Additional to these terms the corresponding Estonian and European Union laws apply.
  •  Juheko reserves the right to change these terms

Price Information

  • All prices on the Website are in Euros and include 20% VAT.  ( If you buy as a non-Estonian company, you will be able to pay without VAT included.)
  • When purchasing, an additional fee is added for transport based on Buyer's choice of transport . 
  • The prices are valid from submitting the order until the payment deadline.
  • If prices or Terms change after the purchase, those terms and prices apply that were valid at the time of the purchase.
  • Juheko reserves the right to change prices.
  • The prices on this website may differ from prices in our physical store.

Submitting an order

  • Add the desired product(s) to the cart.
  • Select the "shopping cart" on the header of the page, then select "Checkout"
  • On the checkout page fill in the forms with your details, choose shipping and payment method, then click on "Submit Order"
  • Make sure you add the correct information.
        The items purchased being processed (packed and sent) on workdays between 11.00 and 15:00 Estonian time. 

Payment Methods

Bank Links:
  • Estonia: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, Danske, LHV, Coop, Pocopay ja Liisi ID
  • Latvia: SEB, Citadele ja Luminor
  • Lithuania: Swedbank, SEB ja Luminor
  • Finland: Aktia, Ålandsbanken, Danske, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästopankki, Pohjola, POP Pankki, S-Pankki, Säästopankki

  • Credit / debit card:  Visa, MasterCard

  • Bank transfer: After submitting the order Juheko sends an invoice with the banking details. After the invoice is paid, Juheko processes the order.

  • Pay in shop: It is possible to pick up goods and pay in our Tallinn shop with cash or bank card.

Validity of the order

  •  If the order is paid for, Juheko is obliged to transfer the goods to the Buyer using the shipping method selected by the Buyer.
  • Orders that are not paid for are cancelled.
  • Payments are accepted when the payment appears on Juheko's bank account.


  • After receiving the payment Juheko packs the products and gives it to their logistics partner. 
  • The delivery deadlines shown on the website are valid from the moment the payment has arrived to Juheko's bank account.
  • Please make sure you fill in the correct details during checkout.
  •  Juheko is not responsible for the delay in delivery in cases where Juheko has no effect on the circumstances causing the delay. 


  • After receiving the goods Buyer has the right to return the goods for 14 days without any particular reason.
  • Buyer is responsible for the damage occurred in the product that is being returned to Juheko for the time Buyer handles the product. B
  • To return the goods Buyer needs to send an email to info@juheko.com informing Juheko about the return.
  • Buyer needs to return the product within 14 days of informing Juheko about the return. Juheko doesnt need to cover the cost of the return
  • Juheko is obliged to return all payments to Buyer that were received from Buyer within 14 days of receiving the returned product. If Buyer has previously chosen a more expensive shipping method Juheko is obliged to pay back only the cost of the cheapest shipping method available.
  • Juheko is not responsible for the damage  occurring or delay in delivery in cases where Juheko has no effect on the circumstances causing the delay. 

Using personal data

  • Buyer byfilling in their personal details gives the right to Juheko to use those in order processing and give the information needed for delivery to its logistics partner.
  •  Juheko may contact the Buyer on their email address later (but hardly does so).
  • Buyer has the right to opt-out from receiving any emails from Juheko at any time (except when these are needed to process the order)


  • Juheko is responsible for products received damaged or faulty for two months after the purchase.
  • Buyer needs to present the invoice for the products in question.
  • Faulty products must no be used.
  • Juheko and the Buyer will discuss if replacement or repair is needed.
  • Juheko is not responsible for any damage caused by the Buyer, only if the damage occurred during normal use.
  • Please send us an email to info@juheko.com if you have any problems with the product within 2 months of receiving the product.
  • Juheko responds to emails concerning warranty not later than 14 days after receiving them.
  • If Juheko cannot repair the product Buyer is entitled to a full refund. In this case Juheko is entitled to get the faulty product back. A partial refund is also possible upon agreement.

If Juheko has not fullfilled its obligations and is not willing to do so or causing Buyer any problems, Buyer can turn to the European Union Consumer Protection Centers or the Estonian Consumer Protection agency to solve the issue. Buyer may be represented to do this by others.  Contacts and services of the  Estonian Consumer Protection agency are displayed on their website.